A Long Way Gone

My book club group is doing pretty well we are pretty well we are always on task and letting others speak sometimes. A Long way gone is a great book it tells a really great story about Ishmael Beah. It’s a life story about the civil war in Sierra Leone a country in Africa. The civil war was very bad and the rebels the ones who disliked the government and decided they wanted something of their own . This war negatively affects Ishmael because he looses his family due to this war. He ends up joining the rebels as a boy and uses cocaine and other drugs when they are fighting. It keeps them from getting tired and it makes them really hyper.

Slice Of Life

Yesterday on Monday I had to take my dog to the vet because she has health problems and I the doctor had slightly good news that she will be ok and afterward we bought her a lot of bones and food it’s basically a few months of food for my dog to eat. I really hope that she will be ok moving forward.

Slice Of Life

My slice of life for the weekend is that I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants rock bottom. It is a really good restaurant with really good burgers and I enjoy eating at that place and their calamari is the best that I’ve had from a restaurant. I just really love the food from there but that wait is very long  at Rock Bottom.

Cool shoes

So over the weekend I went to stores and I picked out these really nice looking shoes but they didn’t have my size. So we ordered them online but it wasn’t available to purchase online. So we went to another foot locker in riverside because we were in oak park and we found the shoes again but they didn’t have my size either so we had to go around everywhere until we found that one footlocker that had the shoes. I later got the shoes but I forgot to wear them to school.

Pick a poem online/analyze it

My favorite food is pizza  Crunch Crunch Crunch  Scrunch Scrunch Scrunch 
Crunch Bunch Crunch This Poem is talking about a favorite food

3 positives of the week

The 3 positives of the week are getting map tests complete, Being able to go home and rest, Getting New Cement and helping my dad put rocks into our sidewalk to make it look more nice.

Map Testing

Map testing was pretty stressful because I had to sleep early and I had to wait like an hour so we can get to our other classes. But we took the wrong reading test so that was dumb.